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Weaving bag printing machine production process


Today, Shantou Beixin Machinery Industry Co., Ltd. shared with you the production process of the woven bag printing machine.

1. First, we need to communicate with our customers and understand the needs of our customers. We started to design mechanical drawings.

2, then select materials, according to the drawings we choose mechanical raw materials, the link of each link of the equipment is very important, this directly affects the life of the design and use process, so each part must be done in every step.

3, the connection line according to the equipment construction, we integrate the line position, not only easy to use but also beautiful

4. Before the equipment leaves the factory, we must carry out debugging. If there are problems, we must adjust it in time to ensure the quality of each machine.

The above is the production process of our woven bag printing machine. If you want to know more about the woven bag printing machine, please pay attention to our Beixin Machinery, contact: 86-754-88661886, address: No. 38, No. 38, Jinan Road, Jinping District, Shantou City.

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