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Daily maintenance of woven bag presses


If you want to use the machine for a long time, daily maintenance is indispensable. Today, Shantou Beixin Machinery Industry Co., Ltd. introduces how to maintain the woven bag printing machine.
1. Strengthen the maintenance of important parts, such as gears, cams, sprockets, rollers and bearings, which are important parts of the flexographic printing machine. Their good maintenance relationship affects the printing quality. In addition, the springs are the components on the machine for balancing, and their work directly determines the precision of the interaction of the moving parts.

2, subject to the machine‘s instructions, regular oil change, cleaning filters, regular inspection of machine accuracy, etc.

3. Regularly clean the equipment of the woven bag printing machine and use the equipment correctly.

The above is the daily maintenance precautions of our woven bag printing machine. If you want to know more about the woven bag printing machine, please pay attention to our Beixin Machinery, contact: 86-754-88661886, Address: No. 38, No. 38, Jinan Road, Jinping District, Shantou City.

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